Jul 9, 2010

There are diversities of gifts

“There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. There are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.” ~1 Cor. 12:4-7


Sometimes we can get so used to the practice of associating the word “ministry” with “preaching,” that we come to think that’s the main form of ministry. “Sure, ministry is also things like helping the poor, the widow, and the orphan, but it is mainly preaching the gospel,” we think. Is this the Biblical view, though? Look at the passage above. It implies that there are many different types of ministries. These can be simple things such as helping someone carry their groceries, opening doors, or giving an arm to an elderly individual. Just the other day, we came upon an older man who had lost his whole semi load of building materials. My dad got out and told the bewildered driver to go ahead and stand to the side, not only because the parts were much too heavy for him, but also because he didn’t look too steady on his feet after his traumatic episode. Just by getting out and helping, my dad inspired about 15 other people to aid in clearing the road. What all ministries, great or small, have in common is that every ministry mirrors the love of Christ. Now we are all to show the love of God to people. Thus we are all to be involved in ministering to others. This could be even such a seemingly insignificant thing as smiling at a person passing by. But that is a simple task that often brightens up a person’s day.

Let me ask you a question that my mom asked me: how many people have you shared the gospel with? 20? 10? 1? None? An excuse we are all tempted to make is, “We’re out in the country and don’t get very many opportunities to do that.” Well all the more reason to seize every opportunity you do get! And if you can’t go to the people, bring the people to you! Research the crochet kids. Mow brainstorm and figure out the talents the Lord has blessed you with. After all, the passage says, “diversities of gifts.” Your talent won’t be necessarily the same as another’s. Then, after you’ve highlighted some talents or skills, brainstorm and figure out ways you can use them to God’s glory. If you are good at history or math or English or science, offer your skills, free of charge, to those in your neighborhood. If you’re good at carpentry, metal working, of plumbing and electricity, contact Vibrant Communities and offer to take all the needs in that line. Or start a yard maintenance service for the elderly. There are literally thousands of different ways to bless others. Don’t be satisfied with little things, comparing yourselves with modern day young adults’ efforts. They are not the standard; Christ is the standard. Strive to be like Him, not the errant youth of today’s world. Give God the glory in all that you do and make His ways, your ways.

Your brother in Christ,


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