Oct 18, 2010

Specks and Sploches

“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your eye?” ~Matt. 7:3


As I’ve written in times past, our nation, and in fact our whole world is in dire need of Christian leaders. As men, we are commanded to become those leaders. One of the most uncommon, yet most necessary characteristics to be found in a leader is the ability to admit his own weaknesses. A leader is just that: a leader. He should always be the first to admit that he was wrong and also the first to forgive. He is to take the initiative in all situations. Why is it important for a leader to admit his faults? 1) So that he might remain humble. 2) So that he can more easily correct the faults of others. I’m sure we all can give examples of times when we got frustrated, not because someone is trying to correct a fault, but because they are unwilling to admit their own part in the argument. Before we tackle any situation, we first need to acknowledge our inability to solve the problem by ourselves, and then we need to pray to the Lord, asking Him to give us His strength and wisdom. The founding fathers, while penning the Constitution, prayed to the Lord before they did any work whatsoever. Why is this so remarkable? In part because it is the complete opposite of what would happen if a similar project was undertaken today. It is also remarkable, and inspiring, that these men, some of the wisest in the world at that time, still recognized their own weaknesses and inability to lead without the Lord’s help.

I want to bring up one last topic. One other requirement of a godly leader is that he able to lead his family in worship and that he is able to explain why they, as a family, believe what they believe. One of my goals for 2011 is to write position papers on all major doctrines, such as baptism, communion, predestination, etc. I encourage all of you to write your own papers, whether as part of your morning devotions or as a summer project. When we all have finished them we can meet and discuss them. These papers, besides requiring you to do a lot of research, will be useful to you later in life. When you forget the reason why we baptize infants or why we baptize with sprinkling and immersion, you can look at these papers and remind yourself of the evidence of Scripture. As you continue through the coming weeks and the rest of this year, may the Lord bless you labors and may He give you bountiful harvests in mind, body, and spirit. May you never cease to worship and fear and praise our great Redeemer.

Your brother in Christ,


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