Nov 5, 2010

Glorify God, Stand Strong, and Lead

One of the most recent additions to our group has started writing his own letters. Here is one that I hope will encourage you as much as it has encouraged me:



Sorry it took so long to answer your first letter. I agree with you that there are very few godly men standing up for what they believe. So many people are distracted by the things of the world. For example, the media today is growing more and more popular, seeking to entertain us, but rarely with anything good and wholesome.

Very few men are leading their families, teaches their sons and daughters to be godly men and women. As a result, there is an increasing tendency in the youth of today to want to satisfy their flesh, rather then seeking the Lord, so that they might be truly satisfied.

There is a song circulating today that talks about a man who is so busy in life that he misses the true purpose in life. Just like that man, we tend to read parts of the Bible that we like the best and live by the rules those passages teach. We try to make God into something that can fit into our lives, rather making God the focus of our lives.

It seems as if people have forgotten that there is a purpose to their lives. If you go up to a person in the streets and ask them what they are living for, they will most likely give a worldly, self-centered answer. Only when the Lord moves their heart do you get a question in response, “I am going to Hell: what must I do to be saved?” However, very few people are asked this question, because most people are sitting at home, rather than evangelizing in the street.

Godly leaders need to rise up in this generation and stand strong in the faith. They need to direct people to Christ and guide people to lives that glorify God. May God bless you this week.


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